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As the brain behind Aesthetics Guru, I have chosen to become an expert at non-surgical facelifts. Why? The truth is, there are way too many treatments out there even for me, as a practitioner, to keep on top of. Non-surgical facelifts are what excite me. And for me it’s personal too – I am just as delighted as you are when you get amazing results!

Having tried the “Jack Of All Trades” approach like many other clients, I have built up many yeras’ of experience in the beauty industry that I hope my clients can learn from. I am now dedicating all of my time to mastering the field of aesthetics and I believe that I can achieve the very best when I am doing what I truly enjoy.

Here is what I can share with you…

5 critical mistakes I see my clients make

Aesthetics Guru


I find that my clients are able to pluck up the courage to come and have their first dermal filler of threading session, but that is where their courage ends. Having just one treatments is probably the most determinal thing you can do when it comes to aesthetic treatments. Having just 1ml of filler or one thread on each side of your face is only going to give you a good result if your skin is still young and supple. And if you’ve read this far, I doubt you fall within this category.

Please understand, if you have mild or even severe signs of aging, having just one treatments is not going to make a noticeable difference. You might as well save your money.


Focus on the bigger picture of your overall beauty, not just sagging here of folding there. The main goal for any aesthetic treatment is to improve the appearance of certain features. Our brain processes beauty as a set of visual patterns and there are certain patterns that the brain recognises as beautiful – these patterns are based on the visual proportions of a face that your brain calculates within a milisecond of looking at a person for the first time. Did you know what that the triangular area between the chin and eyes determines how old you look?

You may have read about the ideal concepts of beauty. If you haven’t check out this infographic on the Art of Beauty. Remember, the goal is to build towards an ideal proportion that conveys overall beauty. Unnatural results are obtained when you deviate from your natural proportions. So in order to get good results, you need to increase volume and tighten any loose skin. It’s important to do both, or none at all.
Aesthetics Guru


Giving all practitioners equal weight and comparing them only on price value is a problem created by us as practitioners. We started giving patients “off the shelf” tratments using techniques we had learned in more “pff the shelf” training. Pretty soon we started fighting over each millilitre of filler.

This has commoditised our expertise and it’s important to recognise that one practitioner does not deliver the same results as another. As a potential client, of mine or of someone else, I encourage you to find someone who is a specialist in the kind of treatments that you require. Remember: A “Jack Of All Trades” is a master of non.


The final mistake I see my clients making is that they hop between treatments thinking that a single treatment can reverse all of their problems and restore their youth and beauty in one go. By being inconsistent with their treatments they lose the benefit of cumulative results. After all, you don’t get fit by running for five hours today but if you run for five minutes every day, eventually you will see results.

Aesthetics Guru

Restoring shape is the most important step in reducing the signs of aging

For just £25, you’ll get a consultation where we’ll guide you through the next steo in your treatment plan. If you don’t fond the consultation useful, you won’t be charged.
After the consultation, we will return with your skin grade and a range of suggestions about how to move forward with your treatment. So why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose!

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