Lip fillers treatment

Using a little known technique to create gorgeous lips without pain, swelling or bruising.

Do you want plump lips that look natural and avoid dreaded trout pout or lumps?

Lips play a big part in the attractiveness and sensuality of your face. Not having the lips you desire can make you lose your smile and make you shy away every time a camera comes out!

After performing lip fillers on all shapes and sizes of lips, I have honed it down to a fine art. Aesthetics Guru delivers results you want every single time or you get your money back!

Who has lip fillers?

Broadly speaking, ladies who come to me for lip fillers are those who

Aesthetics Guru
Aesthetics Guru

1. Have thin lips that disappear when they smile

Aesthetics Guru
Aesthetics Guru

2. Want to enhance their shape and definition for luscious lips

Aesthetics Guru
Aesthetics Guru

3. Want a subtle enhancement to give them natural-looking, fuller and more defined lips

Aesthetics Guru


The way your lips look depends largely on the anatomy of your lips to begin with. The image to your left below shows the five layers that make up your lips from skin to mouth.

From the outside, lips start with

  1. The skin
  2. The layer below the skin – this contains the blood vessels
  3. The lip muscle
  4. The layer behind the muscle
  5. The skin on the inside
Thin lips happen because there is not enough volume in layers II and IV
Trout pouts happen because too much filler is injected into layer II, creating an imbalance with layer IV. Movement of the muscle causes the filler to move away from the lips. Lumps occur because the filler is injected directly into the muscle of the lips and when you move the muscle, the filler is formed into balls that turn into lumps. Creating perfect lips requires the understanding of and the ability to know which layers need enhancing and in what proportions in order to get the desired results.
Aesthetics Guru

How we do lip fillers?

Now that you understand why lip fillers require careful enhancement of the anatomy, I would like to show you how we get this right every time at Aesthetics Guru I do this by injecting fillers using a cannula. If you haven’t heard of it before, a cannula is a type of needle that has a rounded tip. The advantages of having a blunt tip are…

Less bruising

During the lip filler treatment, a blunt-tipped needle allows us to push past any blood vessels instead of piercing them a sharp-tipped needle would. As there is no damage to the blood vessels, there is very low risk of bruising.


Less Swelling

Again, as we’re pushing blood vessels out of the way instead of piercing them, the body doesn’t react with protective swelling as would usually happen during an injury.


Perfect Placement

This is the most important benefit of using a blunt tip cannula. It allows us to guide the cannula to the required layer and perform the lip filler injections confidently in the right place. Using a cannula gives much better feedback to the practitioner about how they are performing the lip filler treatment.


Single Injection Point

The cannula is inserted into one point on either side of the mouth and the practitioner can then access the entire lip area from there. That means there’ll no more wincing every time the needle is passed through your skin!

Case study


Shannon came to see us just before going on holiday with her friends. She wanted to have fuller lips so that she could take loads of photos on the holiday. She was very nervous about the treatment as it was her first time having lip fillers.

Problems diagnosed

1 Thin top lip compared to the bottom lip.
2 Disappearing top lip when smiling.

What we did

1Injected 1ml of Dermafill Lips after numbing her mouth


We achieved a significant improvement in the show of her top lip especially when she smiles. The before pictures were taken on day one and after pictures just two weeks later.

Check Photos from Before and After:

What can you expect?

Lip fillers with Aesthetics Guru are simple and effective. With every treatment you will receive:

1 An in-depth consultation and recommendation that takes into account your desired end result
2 0.5 or 1mL of Dermafill Lips or other filler
3 Both Dermafill Lips and other fillers we use last at least 9 months and give smooth results with the lowest risk of lumps
4 Numbing of lips for a comfortable treatment
5 Expertly executed cannula technique for the best results
6 Excellent patient after -care and follow up advice

Pricing Table

Our Guarantee?


The number of lip filler treatments we have done.

We are so confident that the Aesthetics Guru lip filler technique will give you the result that you’ve always wanted, that we offer a 50% refund if you’re not chuffed with your results after three months.*
*conditions apply

Not having the lips you desire can make you lose your smile and your confidence.

Don’t let it happen!

For just £25, you’ll get a consultation where we’ll guide you through the next step in your treatment plan. If you don’t fond the consultation useful, you won’t be charged.
Send me one or as many pictures as you want and I’ll get back to you with a basic treatment plan. So why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose!

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