my qualifications

This is how I came to do what I do at Aesthetics Guru. I bring my unique approach to aesthetics and guide you on journey to looking better with time. I’ve been performing aesthetics treatments using fillers, threads, anti-wrinkle injections for the last 6 years. Over this time, the biggest lesson I have learned is that getting results over time, beats one-off treatments hands down.
Aesthetics Guru

Bachelors degree

In Pharmacological Sciences from the University of Bradford
Aesthetics Guru

Masters degree

In Medicine & Surgery from the University of Leeds
Aesthetics Guru

Aesthetics master

Training with the world renowned Doctors Raj Acquilla and Tapan Patel of Harley Street

additional courses

In February 2017, I was honoured to be trained by Dr de Maio, the inventor of the 8-point lift and regarded as the best filler injector in the world. The training was for the highest level in his new method for injecting dermal fillers, the MDM Codes.
Aesthetics Guru

MDM Certificate

See effects of my work and what inspires me everyday to keep learning

Restoring shape is the most important step in reducing the signs of aging

For just £25, you’ll get a consultation where we’ll guide you through the next steo in your treatment plan. If you don’t fond the consultation useful, you won’t be charged.
After the consultation, we will return with your skin grade and a range of suggestions about how to move forward with your treatment. So why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose!

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