Tear Trough

How I am helping people eliminate their tear troughs and eye bags, giving them the refreshed youthful eyes they’ve been craving

What are tear troughs?

Tear troughs make people look tired all the time and even like they are sick. They are constantly being asked if they are well or if they have had a few late nights. Tear troughs can also make people feel that they’re sad and a loner, even unattractive. Obviously, none of my clients are actually like this and are fed up being perceived like this. They just couldn’t see a solution that worked for them (they didn’t want to have surgery) before they came across Aesthetics Guru.

Some are born with tear troughs, some develop them over time and some develop them quickly after some significant body change like pregnancy, nursing or illness.

Look at the picture. The right side of his face has been treated and the left side is the way he came to me. Just look at how his eye looks higher and his cheek is lifted too. He was sick and tired of people assuming that he had been out on benders and were judging him for this when considering him for work. He also felt his tear troughs made him look unattractive.

Can you identify with him in your own way?

What if your tear troughs could be almost or completely eliminated by a procedure done by Aesthetics Guru?

Imagine those eyes looking fresh, that hollow groove is gone, the skin around the eye feels tighter. You can apply make-up with confidence. No more comments from others about your health, people are more open and responsive to you. Your self-confidence is restored.

As you may have read, and rightly so, that treating the tear trough without surgery is one of the riskiest procedures out there. This is the most delicate area on the face with the thinnest skin. I started injecting in 2012, and as my experience with dermal fillers grew, I was being asked repeatedly if there was anything that could treat their tear troughs. At first I was reluctant due to the risk involved but eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I took some first class training with some of the best doctors in the world. (See my inspirations page for more info)

How do we do this?

If you choose to have your treatment at Aesthetics Guru, this is what you can expect;

  • In depth consultation and assessment
  • Treatment plan with estimated volume required
  • Local anaesthesia or skin anaesthesia
  • Treatment using blunt cannula to minimise bruising
  • Treatment usually takes 45min to 1 hour
  • Pre-treatment and after care instructions
  • Clinical setting and equipment
  • Full support post treatment as needed

The choice of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers offered by Aesthetics Guru are;


  • For a tear trough procedure I would usually use their volume ultra and global xtra products
  • Dermafill is our budget range of hyaluronic acid dermal filler
  • Higher concentration of hyaluronic acid other fillers
  • Less resilient to shearing forces caused by facial movement therefore breaks down faster
  • Results usually last 9 months

Premium Brand Filler

  • For a tear trough procedure I would usually use Voluma and Volbella products
  • We use a premium brand filler
  • Voluma has a 4% lower concentration of hyaluronic acid than Dermafill and Volbella has 50% less
  • The superiority of this particular brand filler is in the way the molecules are put together to create the filler. It has a better ability to withstand shearing forces because of this.
  • Results last 12 months or more

Case Study

Meet Tasneem, my auntie who visited from Dallas.
She is in her late 40s and works hard in the back office for an airline so clocks up a few air miles herself! She started noticing that her eyes were looking sunken and she was developing loose skin around them.
Problems diagnosed
  • Her confidence had taken a hit because she felt she looked tired all the time. This made her feel that she was always facing an uphill struggle in social interactions.
  • Despite living in America she had never heard of the possibility of correcting this with dermal fillers! She thought it was surgery or nothing. Unsurprisingly, she was chuffed when I offered to resolve this for her.

What we did

1 This is her before picture. Comparing it to our reference image at the beginning I would say that she is between class II and III of tear trough.
2 The first step in her treatment was creating a more supportive cheekbone with deep dermal filler.
3 The second step was to replace volume in the front part of the cheek to reduce the tear trough from a deeper level. This again was done with a deep dermal filler.
4 The final step was to smooth the tear trough by injecting medium weight dermal filler between the deeper layer of the skin and fat. This was done using a blunt cannula to minimise the risk of bruising and post procedure swelling.

The exact products are used for Tasneem were;

-2 mL of premium brand filler Voluma – this is a heavy weight hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to replace volume at a deep level to restore shape in the area being worked on

-1 mL of Volbella – this is a medium weight hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to restore volume between layers of the skin or the skin and fat.

-Numbing was carried out with a special cream (topical anaesthetic)

-27G blunt cannula for the delicate work


  • This is her picture two weeks after the treatment.

  • As you can see that the tear trough is gone and her eyes look more refreshed and natural.

  • More before and after pictures are available in our gallery.

How can we help You?

The process is simple.

Aesthetics Guru
Book a visit of simply send us a pictures.
Aesthetics Guru
We will use grading scale, answer your questions and propose further treatment.
Aesthetics Guru
You can book your session
Aesthetics Guru
Each session takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Aesthetics Guru
Results can last 12 months or more



Number of tear through treatments we did.

If you’re not happy with your treatment after 3 months, we’ll give you a 50% refund.

We will keep a record of your before and after pictures but the most important indicator of this will be your happiness.
To date, we have only had to issue one refund.

Prices for a tear trough treatment

1 Dermafill-from £250
2 Other Premium Filler-from £350

What you gonna do?

So, there you have it. Don’t waste any more time in feeling less than you are. You can see that the solution to your problem is here and aesthetics Guru is the person to deliver it for you.
Take your first step and at least send me your pictures so I can advise you without you having to come in.

Stop looking tired right now!

It’s £25 and you’ll get a consultation on next steps. If you don’t see it useful, I won’t charge you.
I will return with grade and free suggestions. Nothing to lose.

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